Eddie Hearn - about Lomachenko, Kroll, Usyk, Takame and Joshua

"I think the battle with Takam is perfect." •••

12 April 2019

Eddie Hearn about the fight Lomachenko vs Kroll and Usik vs Takam

Mushroom boxing •••

10 April 2019

Takam: “I am ready to greet Usyk in the world of hevivet”

"I can promise it will be a wonderful fight" •••

5 April 2019

Alexander Povetkin: “Usyk is a serious boxer, he will knock out guys”

"We are in order to boxing and go to meet with the strongest" •••

1 April 2019

Usyk's fight will be transferred: the promoter called the reason

Usyk vs Takam •••

23 March 2019

Holyfield: "Usyk can cope with any heavyweight"

"Usyk  is a really good fighter. He has a great school and he is left-handed" •••

16 March 2019

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